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Can I touch it??

Me = Belly laugh at least once a day, even at yourself, if not, that's a day wasted. Dry humor is great, being sarcastic is even better. Rudeness is a total waste of human spirit..and drama should be left in the theater....Sex starts in the mind so, brainstorm! Appreciate life, you only get one....if you are going to screw it up, screw it up with some style. If you are planning on lying to me, then be creative, since I'm fairly sharp... I believe in consulting the Magic 8 Ball to help me with important decisions every now and then and love people who have the dignity to deliver a bad joke...after all, a joke is a joke and it deserves the respect of a properly hurled tomato. I am completely in love with my life.....if you're not, change things....change enhances your character. Indulge in your friends, spoil your family, and don't forget to pamper yourself. Girls - Take care of your feet. Pedicures should be a monthly expense...Wear open toed strappy sandals...they are sexy as hell. Suggestion....lets see how much good trouble we can get into. Another thing, trouble and fun are interchangeable my dictionary. Ideally.... anyone that can play pass the buck at baseball games and is not a sore loser when I take home all of the cash. Preferably, someone that can operate a coffee maker, open a bottle of wine properly (yes that means using that little metal cutter), is not bothered when I cuss, can dress to the nines but is more comfortable holding down the couch ordering take out. I am a sports girl at heart and get along better with guys (thanks to my older brother) so hopefully you are not the jealous type as I am very loyal. Sex can be a odd thing, so laughter in the bedroom lightens those awkward moments that some would considering embarrassing....after all, you can't be a stud muffin all of the time (especially in compromising positions)... Turnabout is fair play.... if we are going to have a great night together, have the common decency to call the next day as I refuse to be anyones doormat. Would probably move on despite your nine million excuses so save them for someone that will believe them. I'm probably as laid back as they come and would expect the same....high strung people absolutely wear me out. I enjoy a great game of darts and can whip anyone in Galaga....My shortcoming would have to be dating. I have never been good at it... so if you are going to date me and sleep with whomever every other day of the week, don't bother...since like I said, I am fairly sharp and would find out sooner or later, so have enough respect and spare me the misery. Trust... its all about trust, look it up. Guys, giant pics of your twig and berries have no place with me... Faces are much more appealing unless you have something to hide. PS...Shave your nuts

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Love to meet new people
Fetish sex only adult sex personals
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I am into 1 on 1 sex, I am 5'6" blonde hair, and hazel eyes. Slim build. Love to take romantic walks. Or just snuggle on the couch and watch a movie. I ONLY HAVE & MORE DAYS ON THIS SITE AND THEN I WILL NOT RENEW! I wanted to say that I think there is a lot of BS here. If I want to meet someone it will be on my terms!!!! If all you want is SEX, Please pass me by Thank You Concord AR fetish sex, bdsm. Ideal man is one that does things spontaniously, A man that show's he is family oriented, if a man likes family I belive he will treat a lady also with same respect. I am a lady to the fullest and expect to show you the same respect.

Finally made it here!
Fetish sex only adult sex personals
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My ideal match(s) and I would spend time exploring the not so common parts of Houston,maybe get outside and enjoy the weather or we could just catch a movie or sit on the couch enjoying each others company. Maybe I just want to meet a friend I guess...I love being sexy and single, and I really enjoying meeting new people.Sometimes I just get bored at 3 in the morning and so i decided to do this and see what comes out of it. Ideal man is one that does things spontaniously, A man that show's he is family oriented, if a man likes family I belive he will treat a lady also with same respect. I am a lady to the fullest and expect to show you the same respect.

hello every body
Fetish sex only adult sex personals
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I am very curious im new at this just wanting to check it out. I do have pictures but you have to have one to trade.hehehe Im looking for a man that will make all of my sexual fantasies come true

Fetish sex only adult sex personals

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A sexual fetish in which restraints such as ropes, chains, cloth or leather straps are used to bind, tie or hold a participating sexual partner. The person doing the binding is considered "dominant" while the person being bound is considered "submissive."

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