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Can U Make This Wild Kitty Purr? I love My Tail Fluffed TOO!!!!!!

I know this is an Adult Friend Finder club and some of you people make it into a damn zoo of sexual explotation. I have seen enough men with their clothes off to make me vomit. I prefer a man with a face picture and his profile filled out. I don't have much use for the women on here who exploit their nude bodies which I find them to have very low self esteem or they think they're god's gift to the porn film. I hate to dissapoint you women but you'll get farther a head if your professional unless thats all your looking for is trash. Women who have to show everything to the entire world seem very desperate to me and thats their right. I'm a professional person and I expect professional men to send me a nice picture ofthemselves because I'm extremely picky and selective. I am outgoing, very independent, love social functions, traveling, meeting new interesting people and love having fun with the right company.Love being pampered by that special man when I'm sick or when I'm well and kicking tens. I love men who communicate with me and we have a strong emotional tie.I'm very openminded and have done some really stupid things in my lifetime. I am looking for a man who can remain a gentleman when I'm being a Panther on a rampage!!!! I love a man who can handle a strong willed, intelligent,woman who is all woman and nothing less or more. I am looking for a man who loves to travel, internationally, and nationally and has a current passport or willing to get one. I love exploring new places, cultures, and foods. I prefer a man who is straight & heterosexual.Looking for a man who can hold a good quality conversation. I love casino's, parties, get togethers, board games, picnics, camping & fishing if you don't do it the cave man way. I love all kinds of sports via television live or at a real game. I love tennis, baseball, basketball, football, both college and professional. I really love hockey. The sport can be new to me and I'm willing to learn to see how its played. I am into horseback riding, cycles, drives in the country just to site see. One thing which is really fun is a drive to a different town just for lunch or dinner, shopping and coming home. I love romantic getaways. I'm looking for a social drinker and a non drinker is ok who is not be critical about myself socially drinking. I am not going to change for anyone. Love potlucks, I'm a very good cook,love entertaining & cooking or shopping for all occassions. The perfect man for me, has to be tall, strong, tough, but sensitive. I love a man who is very much into common curtiosies, like opening car doors, pulling out chairs, taking my coat, etc. A man who is an androginist kind of guy is a hot turn on for me. I want a man I can dress up, take out, who has upper middle class table manners. A bars a bar and a 5 star wealthy resort is another story. In other words if your wearing a tuxedo and don't know which fork is for the shrimp cocktail don't take my lead, if we're in a pool hall I'm following you in blue jeans and I don't care if you drink out of a bottle, just make sure you get me a glass please. I will only sit at a bar counter in jeans if a place is totally crowded. I was raised with european manners to be a lady when expected to and my own rule is a xxxxxx in bed with sexy lingerie from Fredericks of Hollywood. I prefer non judgemental men. It would be nice to find a passionate, sensual, loving guy who loves to hold you cuddle up, and just talk.Looking for a man who enjoys spending time with me as a couple, a social couple, and as independents with our own interests, a man who would support me and be there for me when I need emotional support and a big shoulder to cry on. Someone who is rational enough to talk to me when I feel the end of the world is coming. I love a guy who loves to be affectionate, shows his affections, loves to kiss, makes me laugh, and understands me when I'm totally irrational and tired. Someone who will stand beside you through good times and bad.

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looking for fun guys that are not camera shy anyone with cool cars that i could shoot with also
Fetish sex only adult sex personals
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hello kinkykacey here looking for guys to play with while my hubby takes pics of us yes iam married so not looking for romantics or kissing just fucking and sucking in front of the camera must be willing to travel to me Belfry MT fetish sex, bdsm. someone is is clean and not rude reasonably fit to fuck me in front of hubbys camera most have a pic on your profile or send me one for response back

big boobs, blonde hair & wet underwear
Fetish sex only adult sex personals
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I'm discreet, honest, available during the day (sometimes late late at night or early early in the morning) and I know exactly what to do to make 98% of the heterosexual male population happy. I'm reliable but usually ok ALWAYS late. Blonde and forgetful, sweet and nutty, likeable and lickable, protected not directed and definitely not stupid (unless its electrical/mechanical and then I'm actually retarded). . I coat my body with honey flavored powder in order to serve you honey breasted ana with a side of spankme. I'm in love with BOB and cant go anywhere without him. He's my favorite vibrator (waterproof of course cuz I'm a gusher and I learned my lesson) and he stays in my panties all the time so I don't lose him. I keep the remote in my pocket so I can turn it on when I got a stiffie on the way or when I'm at the bank cuz its quiet in there and I like teasing all the lil cuties that work there. Plus, money makes me wet (jewelry makes my nipples hard). I'm a fly by the seat of my panties kind of girl so you might find me on rooftops at midnight, topless on the 101 in the afternoon or flying to vegas, where i'll be shaking my moon. . My boobs will only catch your eye, my intelligence and confidence will intrigue you, then the underlying bundle of raw pulsating sexual energy that you can feel even on your computer will drive you wild or maybe not, I wont let that bunch my vickeys. I'm not claiming to be a sex goddess, I'm claiming to be The Sex Goddess. Lets face it, someone has to be the best and I don't have a problem accepting that responsibility. In fact, I love it. IN REFERENCE TO BOTH MY BODY AND MY MIND I AM NO ANAL ANA ALWAYS. I keep the springs tight and in good working condition on my front door so I don't have to open up the back door cuz I'm pretty sure I don't eat shit. Executives, Hobbyists. Men who recognize the power of the panda without having to ask questions. If I told you to bring flowers would you ask how many? Members of the Church Of Reality worship here. married, wealthy, generous men not women so leave the wifey at home and don't ask me to care unless you're leaving her permanently. looks aren't important to me. I've never had an orgasm from looking at someone. if you think size matters, go into your bathroom and stick out your tongue and ask yourself why women like oral.

I'm a very eager, adventuresome sort of woman. I am open to just about ANYTHING!
Fetish sex only adult sex personals
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You can find out about me easily. Just look at Adult FriendFinder,com. email me anytine. I don't date any men under the age of 30. Ladies and couples are another matter! Seduce Me. Take me. Enjoy me. That's what I was born to be used for!

Fetish sex only adult sex personals

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A sexual fetish in which restraints such as ropes, chains, cloth or leather straps are used to bind, tie or hold a participating sexual partner. The person doing the binding is considered "dominant" while the person being bound is considered "submissive."

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